Display your Individual Sustainability strategy with ESG-Reportings

With the help of an ESG-Reporting (Environmental, Social, Governance) your product is analysed and evaluated based on various criteria.

Anevis Solutions creates individual SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) compliant ESG-Reportings which surpass standard reportings. This way we can highlight your sustainability strategy for your individual investors to see.

Legal Basis

ESG- Reporting (Environment, Social, Governance) analyse and evaluate portfolios based on various sustainability-based criteria. Due to the steadily growing importance of the issue of sustainability the European Union is responding as well.

This is why the EU-Commission has drafted a plan of action on the 8th of march, 2018, which aims to further integrate financial players in the conversion to a sustainable economy. This plan of action includes informing clients about the sustainability of their investments with the help of ESG-Reporting. On the 10th of march 2021 the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) entered into force.
The edict states that financial advisors AIFMs and financial market participants are subject to a transparency obligation with regard to various sustainability criteria. Due to the end of 2021 the Level-2- Regulation should enter into force, which involves further requirements.


Based on the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) financial market participants must publish their sustainable criteria.

Currently, information on sustainability criteria must be published on websites, in annual reports and in prospectuses. For example financial market participants must publish information on sustainability risks or information about policies on the integration of sustainability risks into the investment decision-making process.

Creative Options

Anevis Solutions offers the option to create your ESG-Reporting automatically as well as expanding your standard ESG-Reporting with a personal touch.

This includes embedding your corporate design by using your logo, your fonts or your colors. When it comes to constructing your ESG-Reporting you will work out an individual solution with our design team so that you receive a personalised marketing and sales document tailored to you.

Content-Related Options

In addition to creative individualisation we offer the option to individualise your ESG-Reporting in form and content.

We offer the possibility of comparing your product to any given benchmark as far as the license is available. On top of that you can set the focus yourself which means especially your strong points are highlighted. Regarding this we will also happily go over the individual sub-parts of the ESG-criteria in a detailed manner.

Data Interfaces

To create individual ESG-Reportings we only require two data interfaces.

For one of these we receive your portfolio-data from your product administrators. The ESG-Ratings are supplied by any rating agency of your choice.


To achieve holistic marketing we can reuse your content and create Website Widgets for your online presence and Factsheets for your retail clients.

Based on the raw data we can complement your content with in depth evaluations. This way you can offer your (semi-)institutional clients Institutional Reportings. By using automatically created Sales Presentations you can also synchronize your data in between factsheets and presentations. We also gladly take on Live-Hosting of further regulatory documents for you. (s. Regulatory Suite)

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