Individually Designed and Tailored Marketing and Sales Documents

Anevis Solutions creates your factsheets to aid you in your marketing and sales.

By using our factsheets you present your product data to be up to date and adjusted to the needs of your investors. Your factsheets are created individually by our design team while taking your specifications into account. Alongside the optical individualisation we will work out your demands for the content together and display these on your factsheet.

Graphical Possibilities

The factsheet will display your corporate identity using your company logo, internal fonts and colors.

We work out the layout and content individually for you and gladly do so by taking an existing style guide into consideration. With our team’s experience we can also help you bring out your individual strategy as much as possible.

Content Possibilities

Alongside the graphical aspect you can also individualise your factsheet on a content-basis.

This can be achieved through use of specific images, statistics and individual classifications of your master data. In addition we offer the possibility of integrating manager comments on ad-hoc basis so that you can inform your investors about recent developments at any given time. The factsheets also can be made available in any language you choose.

Technical Benefits

Our IT- infrastructure is designed exclusively for fully automated reporting so manual errors can be avoided.

We also secure our high quality standard by retrieving the raw data directly from the accounting systems of your administrators. These are enriched with market data and additional individual data such as sector classifications and then evaluated.


During the implementation of your factsheets your personal contact person will be by your side every step of the way and offer support for all your issues.

You will develop your factsheet alongside your project manager. Our project managers are experts of their field and are happy to work towards individual solutions with you.


To achieve holistic marketing, we can reuse the content and create Website Widgets for your online presence.

Based on the raw data we can complement your content with in depth evaluations. This way you can offer your clients Institutional Reportings or individualised ESG-Reportings . By using automatically created Sales Presentations you can also synchronize your data in between factsheets and presentations. We also gladly take on Live-Hosting of further regulatory documents for you. (s. Regulatory Suite)

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