Legal Basis

On the 15th of June, 2018, the Swiss parliament passed a law concerning financial services (FIDLEG) which took effect on the 1st of January, 2020.

This Law aimed to improve the protection of investors and create a competitive and level playing field for the delivery of services in connection with financial instruments. In terms of content FIDLEG is oriented towards the laws and regulations of the European Union (MiFiD II, PRIIPs), however adjustments to specifically Swiss circumstances have been made. The regulations under FIDLEG include the provision of a basic information sheet (FIDLEG-BIB), which is to be created for financial instruments that are offered to private individuals.


The basic information sheet (FIDLEG BIB) should summarise the fundamental product features and be made available to private clients during consultation meetings.

It must be written in simple, understandable language, as to be understandable and usable to private clients. The basic information sheet may only be up to three DIN A4 pages long and must contain the name of the financial instrument, identity of the manufacturer, type and features of the financial instrument, risk and return profiles, as well as the costs of the financial instrument.


Anevis Solutions takes on the creation of your Fidleg BIB.

This can be done using your corporate design within the legal framework. The required output formats can be made available based on the calculated statistics and can be distributed right away thanks to our automated process.

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