Institutional Reportings

Individual Analyses and Significant Portfolio Analyses for (Semi-)Institutional Investors

Optimise your marketing strategy towards (semi-)institutional investors through individual analyses and detailed reporting.

Use our institutional reportings to be able to focus on the individual demands of your clients. With the help of our experts you can now implement new and essential statistics as well as a myriad of existing complex analyses and use these for your reports. This way you save time and can concentrate on your core competencies based on our service.

Fully Automated Daily Reporting

Our IT- infrastructure is designed exclusively for fully automated reporting so manual errors can be avoided.

We also secure our high quality standard by retrieving the raw data directly from the accounting systems of your administrators. These are enriched with market data and additional individual data such as sector classifications and then evaluated.

Performance Reporting

Enrich your product reporting with analytical statistics including performance attribution, linear regression analyses like ß-Statistics, correlation matrices, historic allocations, benchmark comparison, as well as individual statistics which display your management approach.

Tell Your Story

To convince your investors of your management approach you will need an understandable description of your process.

Use our flexible and individually tailored services to show performance and risk reportings based on your own strategy.

Secure User Access

Access to your data, it’s evaluation results and institutional reportings can be set up user-based. This way we meet the internal demands of your investors and regulatory offices.


To achieve holistic marketing, we can reuse content and supplement your institutional reportings with Factsheets in the print sector.

The content can also be displayed online on your website by embedding Website Widgets . By using automatically created Sales Presentations and individualised ESG-Reportings you can also synchronize your data in between reportings and presentations as well as ESG-reportings. We also gladly take on Live-Hosting of further regulatory documents for you. (s. Regulatory Suite)

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