Live Hosting for Documents

Use this option to integrate all essential documents into your website

We take on live hosting for your documents like (bi-)annual reports, prospectuses, investor notices, UCITS KIIDs (key investor information documents) or PRIIP KIDs.

We do this not only for documents we’ve created but also for external documents. This way we offer you the option of displaying all of your marketing and sales documents together on your website.

Up-to-Date Document Display

By using our live hosting service you always keep your documents up to date.

This way your investors have the option of receiving up to date information and due to this are informed about changes in real time.

Standardised Marketing and Sales Concept

You can use the option to have all live hosted documents appear in your design, thus convincing potential clients of your business with a standardised marketing concept.

Of course our design team will happily support you with the creation and preparation of your content.

Appearance of Text and Image Formats

We can live host all documents that you choose. This occurs regardless of your text and image format.

High Server Availability

High technological standards and a distributed cloud-architecture ensure the best server availability and stability with low latency and encryption with SSL/TLS.


To achieve holistic marketing with your corporate identity we can take over the creation of hosted documents.

Factsheets in the retail sector and Institutional Reportings as well as automated Sales Presentations and individualised ESG-Reportings compliment the regulatory documents (s. Regulatory Suite ) this way. The content can also be displayed online on your website by embedding Website Widgets.

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