Legal Basis

On the 3rd of January, 2018, the second european financial regulation, MiFiD II, was enacted, which is meant to improve functionality and transparency of financial markets.

The additional information on the targeted market and costs of the distributed investment products, which must be made available to clients, is described by the European MiFiD Template (EMT). This template can be used by investment companies to transmit relevant information to EU-wide distribution centers. Simultaneously with MiFiD II, EU-Regulation 1286/2014 was enacted, which adds to the “Measures of distribution”-guideline of MiFiD II This results in Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPS) legally requiring the creation of informational papers, Key Information Documents (KIDs).


The creation of Key Information Documents (KID) is required when offering counsel on PRIIPs or selling PRIIPs.

The Key Information Document may only be up to three DIN A4 pages long and must be written in simple, understandable language. This way content and format have been defined to enable comparison between similar products on the market. Regarding content, the KID contains general information on the product, cost, risk and return profile and possible performance scenarios. The EMT is a table which shows e.g. the target market, the sales strategy or the costs.


Anevis Solutions takes on the creation of your Key Information Document. This can be done with your design within the legal framework.

Anevis Solutions ensures the daily calculation and monitoring of Key Risk Figures (VaR-equivalent volatilities and credit-risks) to determine the Summary Risk Indicator. All required calculations (incl. unfavourable, moderate and favourable scenarios as well as the stress scenario for all requested holding periods) are performed internally and in real-time in order to guarantee an efficient process.

Further Output Formats – EPT, CEPT, EMT

Based on the calculated statistics all required output formats can be provided and directly distributed through our automated process.

In addition to PRIIP KID PDFs these contain standardised dataformats EPT (European PRIIPs Template) and CEPT (Comfort European PRIIPs Template), which were designed to enable the Europe-wide exchange of fund- and standardised investment-strategies within the PRIIP regulation framework. Additionally, Anevis Solutions supplies your EMT (European MiFID Template) with all information and calculations according to regulation.

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