Rivertree Investment Funds offers private and institutional clients a large range of investments funds, covering the main themes and asset classes. With a strong pan-European team they represent the fund range of The KBL European Private Bankers groupe, sharing a commitment to personalized service.

With the development of ComStage, the Commerzbank established their ETF Brand in europe. Since 2015, Anevis Solution creates Factsheets for the Comstage ETF Fund. If you want to find out more about Comstage or EFTs click here.

The Gané Aktiengesellschaft is an event-oriented value investor from Germany. Since September 2018, they receive daily updated individualized factsheets from Anevis Solutions. In 2019 the Team of Gané was named “Fund Manager of the year”. To read more click here.

Founded in 2000, the Michael Pintarelli Aktiengesellschaft, approaches asset management individually and independent. Find out more about how our products are used, in a discussion between Markus Misiak (Head of IT Pintarelli) and Johannes Hauptmann(CEO Anevis).

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