Display your Sustainability strategy with SFDR-Reportings

Within the framework of the SFDR and EU Taxonomy, further sustainability reporting will become mandatory.

Anevis Solutions creates individual SFDR reports including PAI statements and EET interface files for you. This enables you to meet the regulatory requirements.


In the wake of the increasing importance of the issue of sustainability, the European Union is responding.

On November 27, 2019, the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosure requirements in the financial services sector was issued. The SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) specifies that financial companies must disclose to customers the extent to which sustainability factors are included in the decision-making process for their financial products and what the adverse sustainability impacts of their financial products are (PAI Statements – Principal Adverse Impact Statements).

Since March 10, 2021, most of the SFDR disclosures have to be reported under the Level 1 Regulation, such as the mandatory disclosure on the website or disclosures in the pre-contractual information of financial products. As early as January 01, 2022, additional disclosures on ESG characteristics of Article 8 (products promoting environmental and social aspects) and Article 9 (products targeting sustainable investments) financial products are mandatory in the form of periodic reporting. The first periodic SFDR Reports under the SFDR Level 2 Regulation are to be prepared and published in early 2023 (no later than 30.06.2023) for the reporting period 1.1.2022-31.12.2022.

The exchange of the interface format EET (European ESG Template), which makes the contents of the SFDR, EU Taxonomy and MiFID II or IDD accessible in a standardized form, will also start as early as 1 June 2022.

Procedural individualization

In addition to the design individualization, we offer you the possibility to individualize your SFDR / PAI / EET reporting also on a processual level.

Despite the high degree of standardization of regulatory reporting, there are often highly individual requirements, particularly at the process level. E.g. the integration of internal research departments for the categorization of sustainable investments or the maintenance of qualitative text modules. We offer appropriate individual solutions for the creation of just a few reports, for example for product ranges of collective investment schemes such as UCITs or AIFs, as well as for mass production of entire mandate or client portfolios (tens of thousands of reports).

Data Interfaces

To create custom SFDR / PAI / EET reporting we only need two data interfaces.

First, we receive your portfolio data from your product administrators. The ESG ratings are provided by a rating agency. We are happy to work with any rating agency you wish. All evaluations as well as the individual visualization will then be done by us.


To achieve holistic marketing in addition to the regulatory obligation, we can reuse your content and create detailed ESG reporting (see Marketing Suite). Website widgets for your online presence and factsheets for retail customers complete your external presence.

We can additionally complement these with detailed analyses based on the same raw data, so that you can offer institutional reporting to your (semi-)institutional clients. By using automated sales presentations, you can also fully synchronize your data. We are also happy to take over the live hosting of additional regulatory documents for you.

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