Legal Basis

The foundation of the UCITS KIID is the UCITS-IV regulation 2009/65/EG of the European Union, which demands Key Investor Information Documents (KIID).

The UCITS IV – guideline (undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities) aims to strengthen the investment branche’s ability to compete within the EU by adjusting regulatory requirements to market development. An additional goal is to reach more effective fund monitoring and to inform investors better.


The creation of a KIID is an important and legally required part of product information for every fund.

The KIID may only be up to two DIN A4 pages long and has exact specifications regarding content and form to enable easier comparison between similar products on the market. In regards to content it covers information on investment objective, risk-return-profile, costs and historical performance. The KIID must be adjusted when important changes are made and at least once a year.


Anevis Solutions takes on the creation of your KIIDs. This can be done using your corporate design within the legal framework.

Anevis Solutions ensures the periodic calculation of key risk figures in order to determine the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI).The UCITS KIID is made available based on the calculated statistics and can be distributed right away thanks to our automated process.

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