Website Widgets

Display your Product Data on your Website and let your Investors Interact with their Investments

To better display your product data you can embed dynamic website widgets in your website.

Let your investors interact with their investments. Your website widgets will be adjusted to your corporate identity by our design team based on your individual requirements. Along with optical individualisation we will work on your content-related demands together and display these in the website widgets.

Real-Time Data Transfer

Your website images are updated automatically and in real-time by our platform.

The flexible website widgets can be integrated effortlessly in any website or content management system with a few lines of code. The displayed information is provided by our platform.

Graphical Possibilities

By using your corporate identity we will develop the design and the structure of the website widgets individually and gladly do so by taking an existing style guide into consideration.

With our team’s experience we can also help you bring out your individual strategy as much as possible.


Display information about your products in dynamic and interactive website images such as performance charts, tables or multidimensional allocation diagrams.

These offer continuous zooming as well as adaptability of the shown time frame.

Content Possibilities

Along with the design aspect you can also individualise your website widgets on a content-basis.

Based on the data provided by you and your product administrators we analyse and visualise the results according to your expectations.

High Server Availability

High technological standards and a distributed cloud-architecture ensure the best server availability and stability with low latency and encryption with SSL/TLS.


To achieve holistic marketing, we can reuse content and supplement your Website Widgets with Factsheets in the print sector. Based on raw data we can complement your content with in depth evaluations.

This way you can offer your clients Institutional Reportings or individualised ESG-Reportings . By using automatically created Sales Presentations you can also synchronize your data in between factsheets and presentations. We also gladly take on Live-Hosting of further regulatory documents for you. (s. Regulatory Suite)

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